“THE BLIND CHICK – Vision is Much More than Seeing”

contains more than just inspirational words on a page. 

What you quickly discover

in this hilarious, raw and very real peak into a life well lived is….

Hee hee, you’ll have to grab a copy to find out the answer, the secret sauce.

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  • LOVE

    "If you had told me that the person who’d be able to teach me to see, to listen, to enrich my day-to-day life with a joy, a
    laughter, and an ability to celebrate life, even the suckiest moments, was a Blind Chick…

    I’d never have believed you."
    Jacqueline A. Thompson (Australia)


    Sue-Ellen has a rare warmth and an openness that rides alongside incredible courage and a
    vulnerability that’s almost childlike. 
    It would be easier for her to hide away. 
    But no!  She continues to push
    herself to improve, to chase down goals and to face the Itty-Bitty-Shitty Committee
    in her head that attempts to plunge her confidence in the wrong direction AND she has a sense of humor that's infectious. She sprinkles laughter throughout every day.

  • LIVE

    To many she may seem almost surreal, someone that although totally blind and a cancer survivor, is also a Paralympian, been happily married for 20+ years AND has raised $3.2 million for various charities!
    Who does that?
    And if that’s not enough, she’s in her 60’s and still rides her horse at an elite level one day, and bareback the next!

    Who does that?
    Maybe it’s because she can’t see her own reflection in the mirror, that she hasn’t realised… she’s not a kid anymore!

    Kick any talk of wrinkles, fillers or Botox to the curb, this Chick is the real deal!