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Johno & The Blind Chick - Vision is More than Seeing

Johno & The Blind Chick - Vision is More than Seeing

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There is nothing quite as special as the trust between horse and rider, especially when one of you is blind. 


Johno is just one horse among many, hanging in the paddock, taking his turn in the dressage arena, until the day a new chick takes him home.


The new chick isn't just different from his other riders, this chickie babe is blind. Moving to her drought-stricken home brings with it new challenges. All of a sudden, Johno isn't just one horse, he is the horse and the Blind Chick is his responsibility.


Johno and the Blind Chick is a heart warming journey exploring the bond between horse and rider, told from the other side of the stable door.

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