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Guide Dog Woody & The Blind Chick - One Step At A Time

Guide Dog Woody & The Blind Chick - One Step At A Time

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GUIDE DOG WOODY & THE BLIND CHICK is the latest in The Blind Chick Series.  It’s an incredible story; hilarious, informative, revealing, and surprising all from Woody’s perspective.

Join the magnificent (and very large!) golden labrador Guide Dog Woody, as he describes his adventures of life on the farm in Dubbo with birds, bush, snakes and sunshine.  Plus his BFF the Blind Chick, Sue-Ellen Lovett and his larger than life gal pal Lola, a horse, share what it's like working together. 

Buckle up for the adventures that unfold.  Get ready to learn some secrets about how to train a dog to have such leadership you can trust them with... your life!

This incredible lady, The Blind Chick, is TOTALLY blind, there are no shades of grey.  Imagine being her Guide Dog, the responsibility that comes with ensuring your Blind Chick doesn't bump into things and always gets safely to wherever she needs to go. 

Aussie born Sue-Ellen Lovett has had 7 Guide Dogs in 42 years.  How was she to know that being born with only 12% sight wasn’t normal?  That being a little clumsy bumping into random things wasn’t normal? 

What certainly isn't normal was The Blind Chick raising $3.2 MILLION for various charities while sitting on her bottom!  Yes, incredible but true.  

Treat yourself to the dynamic duo of books:  Guide Dog Woody & The Blind Chick plus THE BLIND CHICK, Sue-Ellen's autobiography, to read all about her incredible life.

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