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Johno & The Blind Chick 2 - Walk in my Shoes

Johno & The Blind Chick 2 - Walk in my Shoes

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Would you like to see more? Really see?


Would you like to listen more? 

Really hear ALL the layers to life out there to hear?


Well read on!


If you had told me that the person who would teach me to see, to listen, to enrich my day-to-day life with a joy, a laughter, and an ability to celebrate life, even the suckiest moments, was a Blind Chick, I'd never have believed you.


But it's true!


What you experience here is not just words on a page... not because the Blind Chick's eyes don't work that she sees the world in such colour. It's because her vision is way more than seeing. 


Be prepared to be shocked, joyously surprised. 


Like me you'll be blinded by the light that Sue-Ellen, the Blind Chick, cancer survivor and adventurer illuminates. Her vision is heartfelt, skin tinglingly hair raising. I lost count of the light bulb moments this glorious woman shone into my heart and mind for me to discover.


If you think this book is about training a horse, think again.


A truth.


This book made me a better version of myself.


It will do the same for you... if you let it.


Thank you for being here.


Now mount up, it's time for the ride of your life.

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The content here will take care of you.

Keep it handy so you can dip into any random page, at any time.

Who says books have to be read from the front to the back. Hee hee.

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